Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting Company

LRS Financial Group was established in 1999 with the mission of providing our clients with the best real estate brokerage and consulting services that best suit their overall portfolio condition.  That mission continues to be a driving force through today. LRS' expertise and knowledge of  the real estate and financial markets, as well as the federal, state & local tax guidelines, enables us to provide our clients with superior service in the acquisition, disposition, leasing and financing of their real estate holdings.  LRS has always sought out the nation's finest investors, lenders and support staff.

We use the latest technology and lending practices, enabling us to be on the forefront of innovation. Our programs vary from simple to simply spectacular. We specialize in commercial buildings, office parks, multi-family properties and shopping centers. We pride our selves on our ability to form productive relationships with our clients, business and government. LRS Financial Group has always operated with honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment to quality. We never sacrifice quality for profit.  We build relationships.

Commercial and Retail

Whether you need to lease, purchase or build it, we will find the property and negotiate the terms that will best suit your overall needs.  Our expertise is determining what best suits you and your firm's requirements.  We are experts in assisting our clients in the decision process of not just the purchase, leasing or construction of the right property but the tax advantages or consequences of these actions.  We have alliances with investors, architects, tax specialists, structural engineers, and specialized trades people.


Sometimes, no space completely matches your vision.  No problem - look into a new-build solution. Whether this means demolishing the entire property, or total renovation.  LRS Financial Group has the connections and resources to make your vision come to life.  We have worked on many commercial projects. Our services include being the general contractor, consultant, construction manager, designer, and financial manager.  We have experience with tenant improvements to large buildings and office complexes. We can take a project from conception to ribbon cutting.  We assist our clients with site selection, the design process and oversee every aspect of the building process.  We ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  With LRS Financial, you are in capable hands.

Consulting Services

We can help you develop your project, and handle negotiations with investors, attorneys, and architects. We can assist with meeting all federal, state and local guidelines, building codes, cost management solutions, and eco-friendly building practices.  LRS Financial Group can also perform systems analysis and technological integration services. We can also perform the necessary market and feasibility studies to determine the highest and best use for your property.  LRS will execute the necessary steps for a 1031/Starker Exchange.   Under IRS Tax Code 1031, the exchange of certain types of property may defer the recognition of capital gains or losses due upon sale.  Such exchanges defer any capital gains taxes that may be due.  LRS has performed hundreds of these transactions over the years.  Additionally, Richard Martin is a Certified Expert Witness in Real Estate Financing and has been successful in resolving numerous legal transactions.  From selecting the best professionals, materials and course of action, LRS Financial Group is your best asset.

Ad Valorem Tax Appeal

In these tough economic times everyone is focusing on the bottom line.  Property taxes are rising while property values are plummeting.  Determining the correct assessment of your property could result in a significant savings in property taxes.  Richard Martin has been successfully performing tax appeals on a variety of real estate properties including single family residences, apartment buildings, neighborhood shopping centers, hotels and office buildings for over 25 years.  LRS will complete an evaluation of your property's assessed value recorded in the county records and then perform a market analysis of your property's current value.  We will prepare the application for submission to the Value Adjustment Board and communicate/negotiate with the board and county appraiser, individually and at all value adjustment board hearings.

LRS Financial Group is known for:

  • Providing the financing and property at the best terms and rates that best suits our client's needs.
  • Return on investment.
  • Final product exceeding expectations.
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value.

Real Estate - it's not closing the deal - it's solving the problem.