If you have a portfolio of properties you're moving, or if you have just a single spot, we'll connect you with potential buyers in your area.




Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting Company


If you're looking for a great area to expand your portfolio into, commercial real estate deserves some serious consideration.

Be it office or retail space were are committed in obtaining our clients the space that best suits their needs  - at the best rates and terms.


Where you're headquartered says a lot about how your business perceives itself. Are you making the right statement about your company?  We'll help with that important decision.

LRS Financial Group is a boutique Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting company with offices in Florida and California.  We have been assisting our clients in the acquisition, disposition, leasing, construction, financing and debt restructuring needs of their portfolio holdings for more than 15 years.  We are experts in 1031/Starker Exchanges, advising on before/after tax cashflow analysis and the evaluation of purchasing, holding/leasing and selling various types of commercial and investment properties.

Real Estate - it's not closing the deal - it's solving the problem


The Martin Report discusses current market trends on multi-family, office/industrial, and retail properties. 


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No business is an island - we

know that better than anyone.

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We work with small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses to help them either get started or expand into new territories. Start your next chapter now.